PAYT Vocational Training

About Vocational Training

Vocational training is training for a specific career or trade, excluding the professions. Vocational training focuses on practical applications of skills learned, and is generally unconcerned with theory or traditional academic skills. Its hands-on training. Vocational training thus provides a link between education and the Real Working World….Its an opportunity for you to direct your career and must be applied from high school or in post secondary trade school!

PAYT offers a vocational training program in selected workshop topics that are either directed by Artisans or specialized facilitators. PAYT’s Vocational training which is designed to serve sponsored membership or apprenticeship, is basically sponsor matched with beneficiary which automatically qualifies the individual as a member of PAYT. This vocational training is meant to benefit disadvantaged communities either for benefit to scholars or non scholar youth with a giant potential, but a resource less background.

You are advised as a scholar or non-scholar who would like to be given an opportunity to become part of PAYT Community to email  about yourself and your needs, you will then receive a response from PAYT Trust!! PAYT is also conducts school tours targeting disadvantaged schools and place boxes for applications to benefit from a sponsor to become a member. Ounce a member information will come directly to you through preferred communication post/sms/email>>>

PAYT Vocational Training includes:

-          Hospitality & Service Training Workshops

-          Tour Operators workshop

-          Arts & Crafts

-          Traditional practice

-          Green Economy

The selection of the Workshops vary and will move from one destination to another, make sure you keep informed with which Village, Town or City we are @, for your chance to learn and be mentored into travel and tourism or be part of the Act( calling all entertainers for a #showdown!).


It’s Not All Work Work Work and no Play!

Catch the paytlive during our vocational programs or our Destination Tours, we host the best chilled sessions where people meet and share ideas after a workshop day or day Tour – closed sessions, For members and Associates of PAYT.

PAYT Community loves to see performers and we hope to get the best of local ish!

If you are a performer (actor, dancer or musician) and have freshness please email   or if you simply want a vocational job let us know!!