About Us

Our Aim

Transfer skills and knowledge to the youth and previously disadvantaged individuals, in an effort to increase capacity within Travel & Tourism.


To act in protection of the 3rd generation’s rights – what we do today must not impact negatively on the future generation.

Who are we?

A Trust organization that serves as a Public Charitable Trust for the youth in Africa. PAYT program is a mentorship, learnership and developmental  initiative by a Social Enterprise specializing in Corporate strategy and destination management  called Guy Communications.

The Program is designed to benefit its members through a calendar of activities in empowering them through skills development and ongoing mentoring by specialists, into new sector development industries related to Travel & Tourism.


What are we saying to the Youth?

PAYT Trust embraces cultural participation by the youth community for social cohesion and as a moral regeneration movement that seeks to preserve cultural heritage.

Discovery is our motto or slogan, we encourage youth to discover themselves and the world they live in through travel and cultural exchange.

Live to Discover

-         Life skills are important

Our Affiliation

PAYT Trust is affiliated to a North West based association called the Barolong Royal Arts Council. The Barolong Royal Arts Council represents interests of Arts & Cultural development in the respective communities where it operates. This affiliation leverages PAYT’s access to the network of key industry players in the SADC region.