Membership Workshop

PAYT beneficiates directly to its members through project based employment, mentorship, scholarships and workshops that transfer skills and knowledge in a #Fun and accessible manner, but most importantly the right stuff to change a small nation to a worldly destination; with a #nomadic appeal/ #globetrotter feel to it – be inspired and create your own voice amp!!!

Workshops/ seminars & symposium

Workshop/ seminars dates:

Communication is send directly to activated members4workshops

Dates normally fall into March, June & September annually and venues coincide with the Host creative city /town nominated by PAYT Trust for the PAYT Festival on four year bases. The Host City PAYT 2012 -2015 is Mahikeng South Africa. Find out more about Mahikeng.

Tour operators’ workshop

This is a three day workshop that will equip you with the insight to what it takes to be a successful Tour Operator and key Mentors in the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism experts will be available to engage with you!!

Aviation Awareness Program

Learn about the opportunities in the Aviation Industry and apply for scholarship at an identified Aviation Academy. The Aviation Awareness includes a flight flip to experience aircraft in motion.

Film & Documentary Screenings

Get to be part of a doci movement of telling everyday stories and the age of YouTube. PAYT Film&Doci Library has a selected range of Film and Doci’s to LiveViewing. We also would love to air some your local stuff AfricaWorldWide that you think is worth a peek!! PAYT Film&Doci Library as well as any to share archive material including free Music is available for downloads to members over 18 yrs.

Membership fee

Basic Edu Scholars            50 [if u are under age of 18 application form must have a letter of consent from Parent/ Guardian signed with full name and ID number of both u and Parent]

Tertiary   Students            100

Young Adult                         180

International                       350