Exchange Program

PAYT Community is sustained through a host of exchange programs at an International level and social development through shared resources as well as outreach to a bigger audience, which leverages opportunities for all involved in the exchange.

“Be it Ideas,  Exposure to new things can always be expanded to bigger and better platforms  – ‘Age of the Leapfrog ‘products, #leverage-game and #keep- things- simple!”


It is our contention as PAYT Trust that better opportunities including Edu- school programs and Tours between the organizations we choose to affiliate with in assisting with local coordination that is cost effective and fund raising that’s in association with respective organizations with a double contribution to both Host and Visitor.

2012 Exchange Highlights

  • A-Dollar-a-Day

This Mother of all hook-ups, as we discovered that it is indeed possible to have one mega African voice through a collaboration of African performing acts ranging from poets, MCs and Motivational personalities in one Audio-Book Album produced by MM3RD and Muki Garang. Muki is a Social Media Journo and Social reformer who’s founded Maisha Yethu, a Kenyan Nairobi based organization that promotes Arts & Culture to the Youth in its Communities. PAYT hosted its first exchange Mentor and Associate Muki Garang who has since been able to gain “A-Dollar-a-Day’ publicity through radio coverage in Africa Unbound Radio, a network of radio stations in Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zambia and Siera Leone. Go to , for more information. Check out our Blogspot for more articles on A-Dollar-a-Day//To order your Audio Book corporate souvenir email


  • 018 Golf & MADBO

PAYT’S Non violence campaign program 018 Golf has just established relations with Mother and Daughter Bond Organization based in the United States. The collaboration to take a stand and planning towards the next 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence has already began with great anticipation for a simulcast event that takes place both in SA, Kenya & US through social media platform and Satellite events. Join PAYT and get fresh updates/posted of all our initiatives!!