PAYT Adventure Tour

Adventure sport thrills

It’s a must have life venture that adds a twist to any getaway. PAYT follows some of the most thrilling adventure sport championships and organizes group tours of major Super Quads/Bikes series in South Africa, Botswana and Kenya.

Adventure Tour Calendar

Vryburg Platinum Off road Series             9 June   2012

Botswana Toyota 1000                                   22/24 June 2012

Mahikeng Platinum Off Road series         3 Nov    2012


PAYT Group Tours

Plan your next group tour to a offroad series on our calendar list or plan your very own experience, PAYT can link you up with the most suitable getaway spots including Go-cart fun fairs for kids or Quad bike destinations //paint ball or>> smart kid choice of a Tour competition “Trail of Thought”, a Treasure hunt themed Tour that explores the 24 battlefields of the South African War with plenty of adventure sport and trivial pursuit. To plan Group Tours email